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Big success at Vale View!

Patricia and Richard Townsends' 4 year old Totilas mare went out for the first time and was an absolute star in the working in, just a shame she got stage fright in the arena! She's going to be a super competition horse in time. 

Lis Astall competed UK Gold in the two prelims fresh from 3 weeks of training with us and had two excellent wins of 71% and 74%!
Shortly after Emma rode Hannah Smith-Hilliard's gorgeous Vivaldi 6 year old to a 71% novice victory before Hannah herself rode him in the second novice resulting with a nice score of 67%. 

Vale View were holding the Regionals tests so Eldorado came out to have a run through them. He was really feeling on fire in the novice and won it with a new personal best of 82.14%, including nine 9's! In the elementary he had another good win with 72.19%!

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