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At WSC Dressage we offer professional training on anything from unbroken to advanced horses.


  • Breaking, schooling and competition livery available. Both long and short term


  • Preparation of youngsters and mares for gradings


  • Private lessons on your own horse with Emma are available.


  • Weekend training packages offered for you and your horse. The package involves: bringing your horse a day before the competition for training and test riding practise with Emma. The following day Emma will accompany you to the competition and work you through an appropriate warm up before the test. Once the test is finished, Emma will give you feedback on how it went and advise on any areas which could be improved. 


With excellent facilities we offer our clients and their horses exceptional service.


We believe in training a horse within it's means, and believe it is important to communicate with our clients on a regular basis about the progress of their horse and how we can shape its future career.


A skilled and experienced training establishment to give young horses the best start to their careers.


WSC Dressage not only offers first class training but also an opportunity for owners to become immersed in the world of professional dressage. Contact us to join our team and become a part of a successful Nationwide Dressage force!


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